Running Away, Begging To Stay

from by Snakes And Lions

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I am afraid of standing still
and of our past that's catching up on me

pressing my fingers on the wounds
though i know this won't help heal

so i'll keep running blindly
so i won't have to find a way
i don't want to move on
or bear the pain of reality
so i run as if i wanted to get away
and hope that you'll try to stop me

but you don't seem to move
and i'll keep running on
until my lungs wear out
and both my ankles break

tryin to grasp what could have been
to distract myself from where I am
the fact that it won't be the same
and the questions my head

when did it all go wrong?
when did I lose control?
when did our traces part?
and where am i supposed to go?

cause you know i'd wait for you
if it meant that we could be together
but you want me to move on
so i'll run in circles forever


from Among Falling Stars And Rising Tides, released April 1, 2014




Snakes & Lions Wiesbaden, Germany

5 friends having fun screaming.

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