by Snakes & Lions

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released September 16, 2011



all rights reserved


Snakes & Lions Wiesbaden, Germany

5 friends having fun screaming.

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Track Name: Apnea

As the emptiness is digging deeper into your chest
Your ribs seem to cave in with every fucking breath

You feel the noose narrow with every step you take
As the weight of the world has been tied to your feet
Sink onwards to this ocean’s seabed and get rid of all aches
Let loose and there won’t be one more smile to be faked

Cause when the cancer doesn’t heal in the back of your head
There won’t ever be tomorrow without the wish to be dead.
Track Name: Crooked
Harvest the truth and melt down
For you never should have known
You’re a dead man, you’re a dead man
You’re a man of treason and blunt deceit
No one can save you now
No one could stop your fall
You chose your ways numbed by all the splendor
I would’ve saved you now
I would’ve stopped your fall
You chose to leave and become a vulture
You’re a dead man
You’re a dead man
You’re so fucking dead to me
One life, one chance, you gave a fuck when I needed you most
You’ve become what we swore to never be
This song’s to say “you’re fucking dead to me”
Reached out to grasp horizons
Snakes bit your greedy hand
As if no one ever told you
Not to trust crooked men
Track Name: Home
This is the only thing I know
Carved Into my soul
Made me who I am and shaped what I will become

Memories carved into my soul

And I know
Wherever I will go
On this fucking dark and lonesome road

I'll still carry this glow
Retained in my chest
Saved memories and dusty pictures
Saving me when they are that's left

I'll keep them till the very end
So don't cry for me my friend
Ancient sights and remembered places
Reflected in beloved faces

Home isn't where my heart is
Home isn't where my heart is
My heart is where I'm home
My heart is where I'm home

My heart is where I'm home

Keeping me from resignation
Saving all I need
Remembering the ones I love
When I've fallen at the world's feet

Lost in the desert
I look to the horizon
Where the bloodred shine reminds me
Who I am and where my heart remains
Track Name: Gold To Grey
Gold To Grey
Born and raised on a sinking ship
With the fucking anchor ‘round our fucking necks
Shitstorms ahead, wastelands behind
As we see it’s to late to fucking start the fight
Where have you been
On the day they betrayed us
Have you even noticed
That fucking knife in your back?
Our heroes have faded from gold to grey
Our hopes and our fears are being left for prey
Never! Never!
Will those succed
Who ruined this world
For they sow dust and we reap.
Track Name: Raining Lead
Raining Lead
In this circle of permanent breaking
Of bones and waging
To ever walk again
There’s not just one question to ask
And there’s never been an easy way out
I can’t recall all the holes I found
All I remind is what’s left
With lead raining on your head you try to break
Free and never take
Steps back, steps back
With a dagger in your chest, beaten black
And blue in raining lead
No surrender, no surrender
Whatever may ever hail on me
How many false friends may fucking fail on me
Never say die
I’ll never fucking die
This heart is strong
It’s made to endure.