Among Falling Stars And Rising Tides

by Snakes And Lions

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released April 1, 2014

Recorded Summer 2013 at Nighttime Productions.
Released by Through Love Records, Beyond Hope Records and Crapoulet Records.




Snakes & Lions Wiesbaden, Germany

5 friends having fun screaming.

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Track Name: Stuck
I am sick and tired of waking up
of waking up from dreams
of being perfect, being the person
I always wanted to be

Send me back to sleep
make this all come to an end
Send Me Back
please send me back to sleep

In this cold world
i hear them say
there's no place for you and me
but I'd rather get lost in the sound
than go their ways

Make this all come to an end
Cause in this cold world
there's no place for you and me
Track Name: Omega
In the dying embers
Weighed in the violent embrace of fire, surf and shore
I woke up, empty mouth, empty lungs, empty veins, empty heart
Wasting away to be whole
Mother death fed me the life that she stole

„Don't worry, I won't be gone for long
Love, your son,
Love, your brother,
Love, your friend,
Love, your lover.“

Don't wait, live on
I can't wait to get home.
I have made sense.
A circle don't end.
Track Name: Delta
I ran away to find true darkness and a silence
that comes not from the inside but history itself.

Epilectically trying to shake off the anxiety
which held me bricked in the concept of dying,
when I should have rather concentrated on breathing in.

Between sky and sand, at the edge of the world
Where no one used to sit and find themselves in stranger's eyes
Among falling stars and rising tides
This is my haven where I can slowly burn myself to the ground.

Follow the trail of scorched earth and feathers
And in the end you'll know who I am.
Follow the trail of scorched earth and feathers
And in the end I might know what I am.
Track Name: Running Away, Begging To Stay
I am afraid of standing still
and of our past that's catching up on me

pressing my fingers on the wounds
though i know this won't help heal

so i'll keep running blindly
so i won't have to find a way
i don't want to move on
or bear the pain of reality
so i run as if i wanted to get away
and hope that you'll try to stop me

but you don't seem to move
and i'll keep running on
until my lungs wear out
and both my ankles break

tryin to grasp what could have been
to distract myself from where I am
the fact that it won't be the same
and the questions my head

when did it all go wrong?
when did I lose control?
when did our traces part?
and where am i supposed to go?

cause you know i'd wait for you
if it meant that we could be together
but you want me to move on
so i'll run in circles forever
Track Name: Sandskin
Who are you gazing right at me?
a man of faith, a man of strategy?

empty eyes won't tell
friend or enemy
led by heart, led by hate?

caring, optimistic?
ruthless and sadistic?
let your curtain fall
grant me one small glance
at the man you want to be
expose to me what I can't see

Who are you?
self assured miles to go
confused, already given up

Show me who you are
let me stand by your side
your face tells nothing but lies
gazing blackness from your eyes

how can I love what I don't know?

drawn to you but yet repelled
i'm begging you but you won't tell

who are you?
Track Name: Scrimshaw
And your face turns against me
One by one by one
slipping sandbags from the levee into my head

I got this itch
And so far it's never gone away before I've given blood
So I scratch and I dig and I dowse through my body
There will be blood and there will be enough for this

Last drop, last faith
Dead gods, no sake
Bad luck, no fate
Let blood, let blood.

Let go
before you Close your Hands on me
carve in your bones
everything will end

let blood
Track Name: Dark Halls And Attics
Dig your grave,
light up another spade full of life you waste.

Waste away.

And I see you, as you saw hundreds,
lying there cramped, pale and cold.
Another night of boardgames
turned into ashes and smoke
Another trip to the sea turned into tar in your lungs

I hate you for doing this to me, in my head.

For killing yourself every single day.